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What are Celestial Alignments?

SHE Symbol Celestial Blessed Objects
Celestial Alignments are similar to the processes described by others as ascension and DNA re-activation. However, these Alignments are spiritual in nature and are created to help properly align individuals with the Celestial Bodies in preparation for journeys into and through other dimensions.

Celestial SHE has made available specific symbols and wisdom to be shared here on earth with anyone interested in this process.

Celestial Alignments will help prepare people for the Grand Shift. These Alignments are channeled through Oseaana via transmissions from Beyond the Veil.

Aligning oneself to the Celestial Bodies (and there are many) involves a series of sacred ceremonies designed to help individuals detachment and reattachment with oneself. This is done through prayer, ritual, healing and re-birthing.

The Alignment process is intrinsic to each of us. It is encoded in our DNA.
It has not been lost, hidden or undone. It has always been.

Herbs, roots, waters, crystals and other minerals are used during Alignments. These objects are charged and imbued with energies and are our physical connection to the Celestial Bodies. Once these objects are charged they can be used for various purposes such as healing, meditation, enhancing dreams, connection with Star families,

There are two types of Celestial Alignments offered at this time. Only you will know which type is right for you.

Group Celestial Alignments:
The first step along the path of Alignment is through group meditations and ceremonies that allows us to penetrate and connect through The Veil. Group alignments are schedule either in-person or online via Skype (video and/or voice capabilities are required). Specific instructions are given in advance after you register for the session.

There are several Group Celestial Alignments offered and one must complete them in sequence. You may find it helpful or necessary to repeat certain Alignments before moving on to the next.

Group Celestial Alignment sessions are offered at no charge. However, you must sign-up in advance. Each session will have a limited number of attendees so please do not sign-up if you can not attend.

Celestial SI-Star Group Alignments:
Women are being called forth to bring change and return the balance to our world. The Celestial High Council known as Celestial SHE has made it clear that a group of women needs to be formed to carry out the re-alignment process and be available to assist others during the Grand Shift.

The women being called to do this sacred work are deeply spiritual and deeply connected to the Feminine Divine energies of the universe. This assignment isn't for every woman as it is a difficult path to walk and requires a great amount of dedication and self-reflection.

Women who are ready for this assignment are feeling the pull of it already. If you have had the following then you may be one who should consider this assignment:

  • buzzing/vibrations in your hands or feet
  • a change in sensitivity to light and/or sound
  • the feeling that something is "missing"
  • the feeling that something huge is going to shift in the universe
  • a change in your energy levels (feeling tired/exhausted, the need to nap, etc.)
  • vivid and lucid dreams of inter-dimensional travel
  • the need to commune with like-minded women
  • feeling the need to "prepare" for a change in our society
  • coming into contact with people who are seeking spiritual help/guidance and answers like never before
  • the knowledge that there is something more to what we see with our physical eyes

Women who take on this assignment must be spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally able to process a lot of shadow energy. This is not all love-and-light work. There will be portals of darkness that we must traverse to return the balance.

Find out more about these Alignments here.

See the schedule for Group Celestial Alignment Sessions.

Personal Celestial Alignments:
More individualized Alignment sessions are done in a 1-on-1 environment with Oseaana. These are created with your specific needs in mind and help to clear spiritual blockages that can hinder clarity on our life missions and purpose.

Personal Celestial Alignments are done over the span of several weeks. Healing, cleansing and personal intuition is part of the process. Connecting with ourselves is connecting with each other and those Beyond the Veil.

Find out how to schedule Personal Celestial Alignment Sessions.


Oseaana, a Starseed from Sirius (and other star systems too), is dedicated to helping people clear spiritual blockages so that they can receive clarity on their mission and purpose in this life. Oseaana receives insight and channeled messages from a Celestial High Council known as Celestial SHE. It is through these transmissions that Oseaana is able to help others properly align themselves with the celestial bodies for their journey into other dimensions.

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