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Here is a list of questions I am frequently asked along with my answers. More questions and answers will be added as they come to me.

Celestial Blessings!
~ Oseaana

  • Do you really believe in aliens and that there is life on other planets?
    Yes. I see no reason to believe we are the only beings in the vast Universe. We are infants in comparison to our Earth and the Universe, what we know about our own planet is very limited. What we know about our Universe is even smaller.

  • Why does Celestial SHE contact you?
    Your guess is as good as mine. Sometimes things just happen and they are outside of our understanding.

  • What makes you different than any other channeler/messenger, Starseed, healer, etc.?
    We are all different and offer different wisdom.

  • Are you a witch?

  • Aren't witches evil Satanists?
    No. Witches practice magick to spiritually influence energy. Witchcraft/magick in and of itself is not evil. People do good with magick. People do bad with magick.

  • Doesn't magick impede on other's free will?
    It can, but it doesn't have to.

  • Do you curse people?
    I can, but I don't use magick willy-nilly. Besides ethical reasons, there are dozens of other ways to take care of a problem. Curses are not as common as people like to think.

  • Isn't witchcraft "black magick"?
    Well, I always like to answer that as "I practice magick and I am yes I practice 'black magick'!" LOL!
    Seriously, I find that separating things into black and white/light and dark/good and bad is an easy way out of looking at the bigger picture. Dark doesn't exist without light. Light doesn't exist without dark. Nothing is one or the other. Magick just is. Magick is a tool. It can be used to harm someone or it can be used to heal.

    Also, for the record, I kind of take offense to equating everything dark or black with evil and bad. There are racial undertones to a lot of this kind of thinking. As spiritual beings we need to move on from that.

  • Why haven't you accepted Jesus as your savior?
    I was raised Catholic. I have no problem with the Christian God or Jesus. In fact I pray to Jesus often. I pray to Jesus's Holy Mother Mary. I utilize the Bible as well. I also respect and acknowledge other religions, spiritual paths and ways to Creator.

  • Do you really believe in a Goddess and Spirits?
    Yes. I think we are limited by our words and thoughts. We put labels and names on things. Depending on our tradition and culture we may call the same thing/energy/being by different names. However, I believe it all leads back to the One Source.

  • What Goddesses and Spirits do you work with?
    The list could go on forever, but here are a few that I work with regularly: Yemaya, Santa Muerte, Kwan Yin, Oshun, Ellegua, Shango, Baron Samedi, Mother Mary, Hekate, Celestial SHE, Lilith, Mama Da, La Madama, St. Michael, my Ancestors.

  • Are you neo-pagan/Pagan/Dianic?
    Much of what I do is grounded in neo-paganism and the Dianic tradition since this is where I started my personal spiritual journey. I no longer consider myself Dianic. Pagan or more accurately neo-pagan may describe some of what I do...but there are some things I do spiritually and magickally that are not neo-pagan in nature.

  • What do you think about the ancient alien theories? Do you believe ancient aliens were mistaken for gods?
    I love exploring the possibility that there were alien races here before us, after us and during our short time here on Earth. A lot of the information and research out there leads me to believe that many events in the our human history have been influenced by beings from other planets and dimensions.

    I am not sure aliens were "mistaken" for gods. What is god? What is goddess? What is an angel? What is an alien? For me these things can be all the same and all different.

  • If you are a spiritual person/worker why do you charge money for your services? Shouldn't what was given freely to you by god be given to others freely?
    There are many people who still have problems associated with money. I used to be one of them. I finally realized that I was damning something that is just energy like anything else because of the stigma attached to it by society. My spiritual gifts were given to me. I have studied a lot, taken workshops, studied with elders/teachers, read lots of books, etc. to hone my gifts. I have paid for a lot of the skills I have. I have no problem paying someone for their knowledge.

    Everything that I am and do is a gift from god/goddess/spirit/universe. I don't like to put certain things into one box and other things into another box and decided what is appropriate for this and that. I design graphics and websites. I am very creative. My creativity is a gift from Goddess. Should I not charge money for that service? I have worked with companies to better organize their offices and workflow. That is a gift I have. Should I have not gotten paid for that skill?

    An exchange of energy is important when doing a service for someone. I often trade for my services. I would love it if we lived in a society that money isn't needed. However, we don't. I am realistic. I may connect to energy from Beyond the Veil but I am still firmly grounded on this planet.

    Nothing I do or know is exclusive to me. We all have these capabilities. If you don't feel comfortable paying for a service then please seek out to learn the skill for yourself.

    One of the essential moments in coming into Alignment with our Celestial Guides is to come to a place that all is part of one and that one is everything.

    In closing, if you do not find what I am offering here something you agree with or or interested in, please practice your free will and keep seeking to find what you need.

  • Where do you do in-person sessions, readings and ceremonies?
    If you live in the mid-Hudson Valley area of New York, I often do these things from my home in Ulster County. If you live farther away I can travel to you. Please contact me for details.

  • What are your thoughts on 2012, first contact, the end of the world, etc.?
    I know that we are in the beginning of a major change in our world. 12/21/2012 is a mark of the next part of that change. My understanding from Celestial SHE is that our human time is confined by our human minds. I am aware of planetary alignments that are affecting our Earth each day. This isn't something new that is happening. It has happened before and will happen again. Our Mother Earth moves, groans, cleanses and changes and is influenced by the womb of the Universe.

    First contact I believe has already happened. The first major and most undeniable contact is to come. When, where and how? I have no idea.

    With regard to the end of the world...well there is no ending and no beginning...only transformation. Our world has transformed many times. The Universe existed with us and without us. None of this is new. All we can do is prepare ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As a society we have the option to make this transformation effortless and meaningful or harsh and meaningless.

  • Can you tell me more about your Temple?
    I am the Temple Mother and Foundress of the Scarlet and Amethyst Temple and Tradition. We are a Goddess-centered woman-affirming Temple. We work with our Temple Spirits in ceremony, ritual and magick. Our Sisterhood is for women who want to deepen their personal connection with Goddess and also serve as Priestess in our Temple. More information can be found on our Temple website.

  • Do you work with men? Do you hate men?
    Some services I offer are available to men. Our Temple is for women, however we do open rituals/ceremonies from time to time to men who are interested in the Temple energy.

    The offerings here are open to men. I am happy to be able to share this with our brothers! There are a couple of offerings here that are women-only as this is part of Celestial SHE's wisdom.

    No I do not hate men. Being Goddess-centered doesn't mean we don't honor and respect male gods. Being woman-affirming doesn't mean we hate me. There is a need for space and time exclusive to people who share commonality. There is a need for sacred ritual space for women only. There is a need for sacred ritual space for men only. There is a need for sacred ritual space for men and women together.

    Part of the duties assigned to me by Goddess is to work with women and help guide them along their paths to her. I have done this in many lifetimes. It must be part of my innate energy.

  • Are you crazy?
    No more crazier than you.

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