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Welcome to the site created for information sharing of the Celestial High Council known as Celestial SHE.

Celestial SHE is not one body or one entity, rather it is a group body/entity made up of multiple spirit and celestial energies focused on serving those of us who wish to know more. "SHE" doesn't necessarily refer to the female. However, the High Council does manifest itself in a Feminine Divine/Goddess form to Oseaana. Celestial SHE is many and one. Celestial SHE is female and male and both and none. Celestial SHE is a celestial energy that is open to helping and bringing about change for us and our planet.

Celestial SHE is currently transmitting information from beyond the Veil to Oseaana. It is the wish of Celestial SHE that Oseaana share this information with anyone who is interested in knowing it, hence this website.

There are opportunities for deeper knowing available through Group Alignments and Personal Alignment sessions. These sessions are spiritual in nature and are open to anyone from any religion, spiritual or cultural background. The Alignment sessions are channeled through Oseaana who has to put words and actions to the information. This is done with the highest good and intentions for all.

Group Alignments are done on a scheduled date and time. More information can be found here. Personal Alignments are deeper and specific to the individual and are offered on a 1-on-1 basis. Get more information about Personal Alignments and Services here.

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The High Council known as Celestial SHE
As received by Oseaana

Celestial Blessings

:: Matrix ::

transmission/You can never escape this reality concerning yourself with race, color, gender, religions, divisions. One is not truly awake or conscious with those weights. To break from the Human Matrix you must cease treading in your self-imposed Personal Matrix./transmission

Archived Channeled Messages/Transmissions

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Group Celestial Alignments Schedule

Be sure to read more about the Scheduled Celestial Group Alignments and how they work.

Celestial SI-Star Group Alignment (for women only)
1st Alignment - Crystal Activation - Key 1: Starts September 15th!
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