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About Oseaana

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Contact Oseaana:
oseaana (at) celestialshe(dot)com

A priestess and witch of over 20 years, Oseaana blends the many flavors of folk magick with the beauty of women's spirituality. She has had the good fortune of learning from many different amazing women along her journey. She has studied Goddess Spirituality,
African Traditional Religions, Hoodoo, Sea Magick and various divination techniques. Oseaana is a spiritual worker and offers spellwork, healing work, cleansing and divination for clients all over the world.

As Temple and Priestess of the Goddess-centered woman-affirming Scarlet & Amethyst Temple and Tradition, Oseaana guides women along their personal spiritual path to the Great Feminine Divine Energy. The Temple is open to any woman world-wide who wishes to learn its mysteries. The Temple offers women a place to share in ritual and sisterhood.

Oseaana, a Starseed from Sirius (and other star systems and dimensional ages too), is dedicated to helping people clear spiritual blockages so that they can receive clarity on their mission and purpose in this life. Oseaana receives insight and channeled messages from a Celestial High Council known as Celestial SHE. It is through these transmissions that Oseaana is able to help others properly align themselves with the celestial bodies for their journey into other dimensions.

More about Oseaana's spiritual work can be found at, information about the Temple can be found at

Questions? Please visit the FAQs page.

Archived Channeled Messages/Transmissions

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